sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

Esto es tener aGuante... // It's the power of Glove!!

I've always considered myself an innovator... And I always highlight the importance of improvisation...
A few nights ago, I was doing the dishes when, suddenly, the thumb in my left hand glove, ripped... I stopped washing and didn't know what to do, when it hit me... I have something here... 

Behold: The Thumbless Rubber Glove!! (Patent Pending)

- Gives you that extra grip you need to hold cristals and china.
- Doesn't let the water in.
- Looks mofo' badass!!!

Y'all shall give it a try... Rip the thumb of your gloves and rebel while cleaning up!!

Clickie, clickie, please!! Ha, ha, ha!! I'm using the interwebz!!

Siempre me considere un inovador... Y siempre resalte la importancia de improvisar...

Un par de noches atras, estaba lavando los platos cuando, de repente, el pulgar del guante de mi mano izquierda se rasgo... Deje de lavar y no sabia que hacer, cuando me di cuenta... Tengo algo aca...

Admiren: El Guante de Lavado Sin Pulgar!! (Patente Pendiente)

- Te otorga ese agarre extra que necesitas para sostener cristales y porcelana.
- No deja pasar el agua.
- Se ve muy badass!!

Deberian probarlo... Rompan el pulgar de sus guantes y rebelense mientras limpian!!

Clickeen, que hace bien...


Los saluda/ Goodbye from: su amigo/your friend Number Eight


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  1. makin friends and showin support
    view n follow my blogs bro?

  2. lmao actually looks cool and sounds like a useful little "invention" you've got there xD

  3. Careful with that when you don't want substances touching your skin though.

  4. hahaha just water...oh my god...


  5. Hahaha looked like a condom to me.

    Keep it up!

  6. gurl u crazy

    Check it http://kadams133.blogspot.com/

  7. I have conflicting thoughts about this

  8. good post... I'm anticipating the next one

  9. congrats on the successful blog... you have a good thing going here