miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Misheard lyrics

While reading a well known imageboard, a thread came up about misheard lyrics.
Immediately, I started wondering if that had ever happened to me, specially in spanish... Then, I remembered "Hey, wasn't there a show that did a sketch, just about mishearding lyrics?"... So without much further ado, I give to you, from the argentinian show "Todo X $2" (Translation: "Everything 2 pesos", as in a bargain shop): "No hay": 

Me pediste sobre y papel
Fotocopias del carnet
Y pediste una regla y un compas
Y una goma de borrar,
Y te digo
No, gomas, no hay...(X4)

You requested an envelope and a paper
A copy of the ID
And you asked, for a ruler and a compass
And a rubber
And I say to you
No, there aren't any rubbers... (X4)

I may continue uploading some of these...

Clickie, clickie, please!! Ha, ha, ha!! I'm using the interwebz!!

Los saluda/ Goodbye from: su amigo/your friend Number Eight


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