martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Let's roll...

Okay, now... 

I'll asume, you're american, or plainly not Argentinian, as I am...

I'll try then to give you some inside info about how things are going on here, traditions, customs, and whatever ass-shit I'd like to post...

Let me try to begin with this...

Something that amazes me is the revival or offspring of a (you could say) new hippie-nativeamerican-rastafarian subculture. 
I mean, all this young people, usually middle-class, from spanish or italian antecesors, some with college-degree education, others with stable jobs, agree that from now on it's alright to wear sandals all the time, loose pants, dreadlocks all over the place and spout comments about the Pachamama (Mother Earth in the Southamerican pre-Columbian culture)...
Fuck. You.

I concur that this are high times for ecology, being environmentally friendly and everything (as always should ecology be a concern)... But the snobism (I'll stop making words up, I promise) this type of... People... Boast about, is hideous...

I might go on about this topic later on...

Wouldn't mind hearing your piece of mind...

Gracias. Vuelva pronto.

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  1. I understand spanish so if you to comment back don't be afraid to do it in spanish xD

  2. Its always interesting to read about other cultures

  3. lol its interesting to learn about these people hah!

  4. my bueno mi hermano. And be sure to support and follow me as I would do the same.

  5. So basically, hippies are popping up everywhere?

    I feel so sorry for you.

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